Monday, 23 May 2011

Mandy Smith 'The Move' Paper Animation

This is amazing!! I have no idea how you could do something so delicate and fiddly with paper. I found this on the Paper Collective website, which is a pretty exciting place. Hopefully I can make it to Sydney next weekend for the first ever Paper Convention.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rad Bear Illustrations!

Recent Inspiration

'The Joy of Destruction' by Xaver Xylophon and Laura Junger

I'm in love with this video! (Follow the link) We all have moments of morbid curiosity. Perhaps they will be satisfied by this short paper collage & stop motion animation by Xaver Xylophon and Laura Junger, which is a composition of destructive and dark moments, presented in a beautifully-naive way. Put simply, it embraces ‘the human drive to destroy and the absurd entertaining value that’s attached to it.’

Monday, 2 May 2011

Beg Scream and Shout

Three of my animations are screening at this event at the Workers Club on May 17th. Thanks to Oliver Hunter for the awesome poster!

Montero 'Mumbai' music video

I've finally finished the video clip for Montero's song 'Mumbai'. I literally haven't had a chance to breathe, eat, or sleep in the last few days, its been so crazy. I animated three and a half minutes in six days! I cant stand to look at it anymore, and now when I try to go to sleep all I can hear is the song going round and round in my head. I was originally hoping to submit this for my Time and Perspective Brief but even though I used looping for the oceans and the rain, I don't think I used it enough. Collage stop-motion is not really the best medium for looping because its hard to line things up perfectly. This video should be released online sometime this week, and then it will be screening at the Workers Club on May 17th. Phew, very glad its over!

Time and Perspective Claymation